Establishment of Corporate Special Equipment Sales and Corporate Housing Equipment Sales Divisions

Business enters into new fields

The base of the company's manufacturing operations broadened as industry and government demand for heavy-duty electrical equipment climbed steeply during rapid growth years.
In August 1960, Panasonic separated the Industrial Equipment Sales Department from the Sales Division to create the Corporate Special Equipment Sales Division. The company then proceeded to set up a separate nationwide sales organization for the division. Business grew dramatically as the company began supplying equipment to government and Industry, and materials and components to finished equipment manufacturers.

Welding equipment.

Mammoth transformer for a paper mill.

PA and AV systems at a junior high school.

PA and AV systems at a junior high school.

Microwave oven demonstration in "Mobile Showroom".

Product launch event for a new air conditioner
(right center).

Sales seminar for Sales Companys' staff and dealers on housing equipment.

Active efforts were also underway to move into the housing equipment market, in the late 1950s and early 1980s the company launched a series of housing-related products, including gas stoves, kerosene space heaters, air conditioners, water coolers, and kitchen counter and sink units. In April 1962, it formed a development department under the Corporate Sales Division. The department was later set up as the Corporate Housing Equipment Sales Division in October 1984, When Panasonic celebrated its 50th anniversary in 1968, housing and industrial equipment sales had grown to 12% and 17% respectively of the company's total sales. With these changes, Panasonic expanded its scope of business from home appliances to become a comprehensive electronics manufacturer.

Innovative Product: Color TV

Photo: the company's first table-type color TV set

The National 21-inch diagonal color TV set, the K21-10, the company's first color TV set, was developed in 1960.
The model used the company's unique 21-inch 70-degree deflecting three-color CRT and its circuits had built-in components offering outstanding performance, including six different types of vacuum tubes developed specifically to realize color TV.