Service Division established

Quality control organization expanded and strengthened

Measures to strengthen product service and quality control organizations grew necessary in the 1960s as televisions, washing machines, refrigerators and other appliances became household necessities. Panasonic set up a Service Department under the Corporate Sales Division in 1962 as a part of company-wide measures to build up its service organization. Starting with Tokyo National Service, the company also formed a nation-wide network of service companies that ensured a smooth supply of components for product repairs.
In 1963, the company held general technology lectures for members of the National Retail Stores Association and started a system of designating approved service centers. The company also conducted education programs to promote its "customer first" philosophy throughout its sales and service organization. The Sales Training Institute, set up in 1961, and the National School, established in 1962, provided education and skills training for employees and managers of sales companies and retail stores.
A wave of quality improvements began in 1954 when the company started a Product Inspection System to provide early detection of problems and faults in newly launched products. This system was supplemented in 1960 with a product quality hot-line for consumers.
The Corporate Service Division, set up in 1963, united the Service Department, Product Inspection Institute and Package Inspection Institute with the aim of integrating product quality and service support considerations into all facets of design, production and sales.

Free product-check-up service by Panasonic.

Home appliance product seminar for female employees of company's showroom.

Panasonic's service staff visits customers to ensure that products are satisfactory.