Addition of MCA to the Panasonic group

MCA Chairman Lew Wasserman chats with Panasonic senior management during a visit to the Head Office.

Integration of software and hardware capabilities

MCA Inc. joined the Panasonic Group in November 1990.
MCA has brought a diversity of new capabilities into the Panasonic Group, and, with them, the promise of innovation in the field of electronic entertainment through the integration of hardware and software products.
January 1991, two months after purchasing MCA, Panasonic held a forum on the significance of the massive acquisition, and how the company would need to evolve as a consequence. In February, MCA Chairman Lew Wasserman visited Japan for the first executive committee meeting on how the combination of Panasonic's advanced audio and video technology with MCA's software resources could contribute to society.

Innovative Product: Notebook personal computer

Notebook personal computer

The company's first notebook computer, the Panacom PRO NOTE (DV-M550NFD), was first produced in 1990.
Expectations for this notebook computer were high as the Panacom M series offered improved functions, including battery operation, a resume function, and extended RAM disc functions.