Relaunched Technics, the business brand exclusively for high-quality audio products

The first release: "R1" series

Under "Technics," which is the business brand exclusively for high-quality audio products, Panasonic previously offered a variety of audio products throughout the world with the "Technics 1" speaker system launched in 1965 as the start. After the company was renamed "Panasonic" and implemented brand unification, production under the Technics brand ceased in 2010 with the "SL-1200MK6" turntable being the last product.

Later, however, against the backdrop of growing popularity of high-resolution audio equipment and diversified ways of enjoying music, the new Technics was launched in December 2014, which integrates Panasonic's traditional sound technology and advanced "digital technology." Initially, the "R1" and "S700" stereo component system series were released in Europe and in 2015, the year following, became available in other regions, including Japan. Subsequently, more products were added, including speaker systems, amplifiers, network audio players, and headphones. In particular, the "SL-1200" direct-drive turntable series, which was first released in 1970 and became a longtime seller by maintaining high popularity around the world, was relaunched in 2016. The new models incorporate leading-edge technologies, such as the motor control technology cultivated through development of Blu-ray disc drives, while inheriting the traditional direct-drive system.

Fujisawa Sustainable Smart Town (SST) marked its grand opening

In November 2014, the "Fujisawa Sustainable Smart Town (SST)" marked its grand opening, which is a town development project utilizing the former site of Panasonic's factory (approximately 19 ha) in Fujisawa City, Kanagawa Prefecture. People started to move into the residential zone in April and "Fujisawa SST SQUARE," a community center located in the center of town, opened in November. Thus, Fujisawa SST went into full operation.

Based on the basic agreement concluded in November 2010 between Fujisawa City and Panasonic, the development of Fujisawa SST was advanced under the leadership of the "Fujisawa SST Council" in which the companies involved in town development participated. In Fujisawa SST, there are approximately 1,000 houses and 3,000 residents and commercial/public facilities are placed as well. Solar panels are installed on houses and facilities to realize independent and symbiotic energy management that promotes effective utilization of natural renewable power sources throughout the town. Also, a town-wide security system and mobility service are in place. Thus, Fujisawa SST is developed to be eco-friendly and offer security and safety. These various services are operated by "Fujisawa SST Management Company" jointly established by the project member companies in March 2013.

This initiative to realize an eco-friendly smart lifestyle for the entire town, which will last for 100 years, has received much attention both domestically and internationally. Starting with this project, Panasonic joined and started promoting other town development projects in Japan and overseas, including the "Tsunashima SST" project in Kohoku Ward, Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture.