KWN Global Summit 2017


Within an environment that calls for the world to work together, the KWN Global Summit 2017 inspires the next generation of global leaders. The event gave kids an opportunity to further mutual understanding and promote peaceful coexistence, through the concept "Create Our Future Together" by looking at social issues from a global perspective.

52 winning kid journalists from 18 countries/region were selected to participate in this year's contest. Under Panasonic's vision of "A Better Life, A Better World," this event enabled kids to experience Japanese society through the fieldwork in Tokyo and engage in multinational discussions to make a proposal called "Our Proposal For A Better Future." After introducing their own countries to each other, kids will exchange opinions and share their diverse backgrounds to create a proposal for the future.


Create Our Future Together
-Our Proposal For A Better Future-

KWN Global Summit 2017 Group Photo

Overview of KWN Global Summit 2017

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