This website contains the general employer action plan on work and childcare for employees of Panasonic Holdings Corporation.
For information on the general employer action plans of individual operating companies, please refer to their websites or the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare website below.

  1. Period of plan
    Five years from April 1, 2022 to March 31, 2027
  1. Contents

Objective 1
All employees will participate in unconscious bias training at least once a year, so that each employee becomes aware of unconscious bias and more conscious of what they say and how they act, and fosters an organizational culture that makes the most of each person's individuality.

Details of initiatives

Train internal unconscious bias ambassadors (from January 2022)
Have ambassadors conduct training for all employees (from April 2022)

*Disseminate the information via our intranet site (twice a year)

Objective 2
Revise and implement an evaluation and promotion system that introduces the perspective of "equity" in order to support a balance between work and childcare/nursing care.

Details of initiatives

Undertake evaluations based on results achieved during the period of service in the evaluation system
Review the selection process for promotion

*Reduce the burden of the selection process
*Ensure fairness of opportunity when considering candidates for promotion

Objective 3
Achieve a ratio of 8% of female employees in managerial positions during the period of the plan in order to further promote women's participation in management.

Details of initiatives

Implement planned training programs, assignments and support measures for career development

*Create opportunities for interaction between managers who serve as role models and female employees (once a year)
*Implement and promote manager support measures (from April 2023)