Sustainability FILES

Here we will introduce some of the activities that Panasonic has been involved in around the world to bring sustainability to people's lives, to society, and to the global environment.

Eliminating Counterfeit Goods around the World and Contributing to the Creation of a Healthy Society

Counterfeit Panasonic goods are spreading on a global scale.
Counterfeit goods hinder the creation of a healthy society and have a big impact on the environment.
Eliminating counterfeit goods should be considered as a Corporate Social Responsibility.
Here, we will discuss some of Panasonic's anti-counterfeiting measures.

Creating New Trends and Accelerating the Achievement of a Sustainable Society - Presenting Super GPs for fiscal 2017

Panasonic defines as "Super GP" products or services that create new trends and speed up the shift to a sustainable society. Three products were selected as Super GP for FY2017.

Panasonic Tokyo Shiodome Building Selected as a Tokyo Top-level Facility

The Panasonic Tokyo Shiodome Building, Panasonic's Tokyo site, has been recognized as a 2017 Tokyo Top-level Facility for its excellence in reducing greenhouse gases.

Helping Indian Customers Enjoy Healthy and Comfortable Lives through Providing Air Purifiers

One of the target figures of the Green Plan 2018, Panasonic's environmental action plan, is to improve the air quality in an equivalent of 14 million rooms for fiscal 2015 to 2018. This article looks at efforts in India to help spread the popularity of air purifiers, one of the main products in this drive to improve air quality.

Contributing to Realizing a Sustainable Society - Presenting Super GPs for fiscal 2016

As Panasonic develops more innovative eco-conscious products and services that make a major breakthrough in environmental performance or create new trends to help realize a sustainable society, it certifies those likely to start new trends as Super Green Products (GP). Two products were selected as Super GP for FY2016.

PanaHome Launches Locally-oriented Education for Next-generation Children by Professional House Builders

In collaboration with Shizuoka University, PanaHome has developed school education materials focusing on "Learning Ways to Realize Comfortable Living" with the use of its house building expertise. These materials can be used to create a lesson where children, while playing a board game, think of things they can do to ensure safety, health, and a good environment, which are essential to a comfortable living.

Contributing to Educational Support for the Next Generation by Promoting Environmental Education

Panasonic have provided environmental education to 2.41 million children around the world between fiscal 2009 and 2014. Of the various activities being carried out worldwide, here are some examples of Myanmar, Vietnam, and China.

Panasonic Wins the Minister's Prize for its Investment-free Energy-saving Method

The Kasai Division of Panasonic's Automotive & Industrial Systems Company established a new energy-saving method in order to reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions from production activities, and was awarded the Minister’s Prize, the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry under the FY2015 Energy Conservation Grand Prize.

Creating New Trends through Promotion of Popularizing Super GPs

As Panasonic develops more innovative eco-conscious products, it certifies those likely to start new trends as Super Green Products (GP). Three products were selected as Super GP for FY2015.

Eco-conscious Support for the Great East Japan Earthquake Reconstruction

Four years have passed since the Great East Japan Earthquake hit on March 11, 2011. Panasonic promotes businesses and CSR activities to contribute to the reconstruction of affected areas, including developing sustainable, safe, comfortable, and eco-conscious towns.

Contributing to Communities in Southeast Asia and Pacific Region

With the aim of accelerating environmental sustainability management on a global basis, Panasonic promotes proactive environmental initiatives by adopting approaches that are tailored to the local situation in different regions worldwide. Here is part of our ongoing initiatives in Southeast Asia and Pacific.

Supporting the Independence and Social Participation of Individuals with Disabilities:Panasonic's Challenge to Create a Kind Society for All

Panasonic Corporation signed an Official Worldwide Paralympic Partnership agreement with the International Paralympic Committee for six years and two months, from 2014 through 2020. Underlying this is Panasonic's strong commitment to support the independence and social participation of individuals with disabilities in several ways.

Providing Our Customers with Innovative Eco-conscious Products

Panasonic is working on developing innovative products from an environmental perspective, and accredits products that particularly create new consumer trends as Super Green Products (Super GPs). Three Super GPs were selected in fiscal 2014.