The Path

Each of us has a path that is ours and ours alone to follow. That path is our own life, precious and heaven-sent. We don't really know where this path will take us, but we know no one else will ever have one exactly like it. For each of us, it is our own personal path, and one we will never travel down a second time. Our way takes us through wide, open spaces, but also into narrow, tight spots. The path ascends, carrying us high at one time, but at other times, it descends, taking us down. The way is sometimes smooth, and we stride forth unencumbered, but at others we must clear obstacles from our way, struggling with each step.
There are times when we are at our wits' end, unsure as to whether the path is a good one or bad. There are times when we want to seek comfort. But ultimately, there is no other way for us than the path we are on.
It is not a matter of just meekly resigning ourselves; the important thing is that we must keep going along the path we are on. Isn't this the path that we and only we can travel? Isn't this the life that is uniquely and irreplaceably ours?
We may gaze in envy at the lives of others, and we may be stymied from time to time, unable to see which way to go. For our way to open up, what we have to do is to keep going, to keep moving along. We have to make up our minds and be resolute, to the best of our ability. The journey may seem long, but by striding forth, without pause, a new path will open up, and bring us deep happiness.

Source : "The Path"