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Q1. Information on the Company's shareholder services


In Japan, The Sumitomo Trust and Banking Co., Ltd. handles all administrative functions for Panasonic's shareholders.
For ADRs, JP Morgan Chase Bank, N.A. handles all administrative functions for Panasonic's ADR holders.
For change of address, transfer authorization and other forms regarding ADRs, please visit

Q2. What is the Company's securities code in Japan?


The Company's securities code in Japan is 6752.

Q3. On which domestic and foreign stock exchanges are the Company's shares listed?


Panasonic's shares are listed on the following exchanges:
Japan : Tokyo, Nagoya

Q4. When was the Company listed on the each Stock Exchanges?


The following outlines a brief history of listing of the Company's shares.

  • 1949:Listed on Tokyo Stock Exchange.
  • 1951:Listed on the Nagoya Securities Exchange.

Q5. I would like to know the Company's current stock price.

Q6. When is the shareholders' meeting held?


The shareholders' meeting is held at the end of June every year. Please refer to Shareholders' Meeting for the details of previous meetings.

Q7. Where is the shareholders' meeting held?


Please refer to Shareholders' Meeting.