Case Study: X-Area - Mobility Service Platform

Robots connecting pharmacies and patients to achieve the contactless delivery of prescription drugs



With the aim of preventing the spread of COVD-19, measures were taken to enable medical practice and medication counseling by phone and via information communications equipment, as well as the delivery of prescription drugs. Against this backdrop, in March 2021, we conducted a field test delivering prescription drugs using self-driving robots in the Fujisawa Sustainable Smart Town (FSST) located in the city of Fujisawa in Kanagawa Prefecture, in cooperation with AIN HOLDINGS, a leading dispensing pharmacy.

Robots are connected to the remote control center, and remote operators can monitor the surrounding area around the vehicle. Drugs are delivered to patients on the same day, who have earlier received medication counseling online. We received positive feedback about the convenience of not having to physically go to the store and the sense of security that robots can provide. We will continue to work on the establishment of a robotic delivery infrastructure in the community and contribute to a safe and secure living environment.

Service in operation

Loading of drugs by a pharmacist
Robot driving on a public road
Monitoring the area surrounding the robot from a remote location
Flow of the provision of drugs via online medication counseling (provided by AIN HOLDINGS)

Customer feedback

Contactless process from medical care to pharmaceutical services

We were seeking ways to offer drug treatment to patients in a safer, more secure, and more convenient manner even during the pandemic through the effective use of advanced technologies. I believe that the contactless process enabled by an online examination and medication counseling as well as the robotic delivery of prescription drugs will benefit patients in terms of preventing infections. Moreover, in addition to this functional aspect, the fact that a self-driving robot delivers medications to a patient's home provides an exciting experience to the entire FSST community. We want to achieve a future where all generations in the community continue to live better and healthier lives by establishing a useful and advanced pharmacy model.

Suni Kimu


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