Case Study: X-Area - Mobility Service Platform

Helping improve labor shortages in the airport and enhance customer service by remote control

Peach Aviation


Issues including the effects of the pandemic and labor shortages for ground operations due to Japan's shrinking population became evident. In response, in April 2023 we conducted a trial test at the Kansai International Airport in cooperation with Peach Aviation, NAGASE, and Kansai Airports. This experiment involved the transportation of equipment by operating a towing vehicle from a remote office, using the "X-Area Remote" remote control and monitoring system.

In this project, a remote operator, located in the Peach Aviation office near Terminal 1, controlled a towing vehicle at Terminal 2 by using a steering wheel and pedals mounted on the desk while looking at the monitor screen, The trial demonstrated safe transportation of ground service equipment from the warehouse to the area near aircraft in the parking apron. In the future, if a single worker can operate multiple tow tractors by using autonomous mobility technology, then workers required to drive the respective tuggers will no longer be necessary, keeping operation going even during labor shortages. In addition, enhancements to customer service are anticipated such as by applying this service to the transportation of passenger baggage to reduce customer wait times.

Service in operation

X-Area Remote set up inside the Peach Aviation office
X-Area Remote screen during remote control
An operator remotely controlling from the Peach Aviation office
Teleoperated towing vehicle
Transporting equipment to the area near aircraft via remote control


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