Case Study: X-Area - Mobility Service Platform

Supporting the accident-free operation of 20 rides a day over a period of 7 hours through a remote system

Pasona Panasonic Business Service


In October 2019, we launched an autonomous ride-share service to meet the needs of employees burdened with the transportation of goods or travelling across the extensive premises of the Panasonic Holdings Head Office, which is spread over an area of approx. 470,000 m2. This service provided about 20 rides a day over a period of seven hours using up to four self-driving vehicles.

The operation of these vehicles was supported by general office workers with no technical knowledge. The use of a remote control and monitoring system enabled the achievement of an accident-free operation for more than 10,000 km. In the future, we aim to contribute to social challenges such as the streamlining of the transportation of people and goods as well as labor shortages in collaboration with a variety of business operators.

Service in operation

Service vehicle waiting for pedestrians to use a crosswalk
Staff operating the remote control and monitoring system
Driving route

Customer feedback

Dealing flexibly with operational errors

Even with the autonomous function, it is difficult to automate all elements of operations via the system. In order to operate a ride-share service, an operator is expected to respond flexibly to every facet of vehicle operation. Thanks to this remote control and monitoring system, even when operational errors happen and we are under pressure to recover service, we can take a flexible approach without feeling overwhelmed, which I believe helps improve our service quality.

Pasona Panasonic Business Service
Junko Haitani