Battery data analysis

Analyze the batteries' charging/discharging data and make accurate estimates of their conditions.

Panasonic will make highly accurate estimates of batteries' remaining charges, degradation rates, and predictive anomaly detection by sending the travel and charging/discharging data of e-Fleets to a cloud-based analysis system for assessment.

Estimate the batteries' degradation rates and battery life prediction to efficiently operate the e-Fleet.

The battery degradation rate, or a battery’s state of health (SOH), among other battery status indicators, is directly linked to the travelable range of an e-Fleet and is important for efficient e-Fleet operation. Furthermore, estimates of the battery life, or by how much the battery will degrade, are useful in e-Fleet operation and battery replacement scheduling. Our battery data analysis can provide estimates of battery life and degradation rates from the charging/discharging data of the e-Fleet, without requiring any uncommon charging/discharging methods or making preliminary battery tests.


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