We are creating energy-saving products by making comprehensive energy efficiency improvements.

IoT-Compatible Refrigerator
Our energy-saving mode uses smartphone GPS data, allowing consumers to reduce energy consumption with intelligent tools adapted to their individual lifestyles.

Photo: IoT-compatible refrigerator equipped with ”AI ECONAVI” for energy-saving operations

IoT-compatible refrigerator equipped with "AI ECONAVI" for energy-saving operations

room air conditioner / Eolia
The world's first realization* of energy-efficient “super cooling" that effectively utilizes residual thermal energy.
*For domestic home air conditioners. The technology captures residual heat produced by compressors, reusing it for heating and cooling.

Photo: Eolia X-series room air conditioner

Eolia X-series room air conditioner

Energy reduction through lighting design (in Japan)
Utilizing the "Feu" brightness index developed by Panasonic, it is possible to create lighting designs that put "the right light in the right place", saving energy and contributing to low-carbon initiatives without compromising on comfort.

Photo:Feu A quantification of the ”brightness of space,” as experienced by the human senses 750lx1788W 15% reduced energy 510lx1523W