Panasonic Occupational Safety and Health Policy

The Panasonic Occupational Safety and Health Policy consists of an Occupational Safety and Health Declaration, as well as a set of Activity Guidelines for Occupational Safety and Health. The Company has set initiatives in eight areas that it is thoroughly undertaking.

Occupational Safety and Health Declaration

Based on the spirit of “respect for human beings” as stated in our management philosophy, Panasonic Corporation is committed to creating safe and both physically and mentally healthy workplaces through consistent efforts and careful attention.

Activity Guidelines for Occupational Safety and Health

  1. Legal and regulatory compliance
    Each business site shall establish its own internal policies and procedures to ensure compliance with all relevant legal and regulatory obligations related to occupational safety and health.
  2. Management of resources
    Each business site shall invest in human, technology and capital in order to create safe and healthy workplaces.
  3. Establish, maintain, and improve our occupational safety and health management systems
    Each business unit shall establish an occupational safety and health management system, and regularly maintain and improve it.
  4. Definitions of roles, authorities and responsibilities, and establishment of an organizational structure
    In order to ensure smooth implementation of Panasonic’s occupational safety and health management systems and to promote their continuous and voluntary improvements, each business site shall define the organizational structure for health and safety management, including the roles, authorities, and responsibilities of legal representatives, managers and supervisors.
  5. Removal and reduction of the root causes of hazards and potential damage
    Each business site shall carry out risk assessments, identify hazards and root causes of potential damage, and remove or reduce them.
  6. Setting health and safety goals and formulating and implementing a management plan
    At each business site, the business operators taking part in the Health and Safety Committees (managers) and employees shall work together to assess occupational safety and health activities, identify disasters and potential threats to health, adopt appropriate goals, and formulate and execute a management plan for occupational safety and health.
  7. Auditing and review by management
    Each business site shall conduct regular audits to monitor occupational safety and health activities. Based on the audit results, the management shall carry out appropriate reviews and implement continuous improvements.
  8. Education and training
    Each business site shall provide its employees and those of its business partners on its premises with education and training in accordance with the occupational safety and health management plan. Each business site shall ensure that all relevant personnel are appropriately kept informed of the health and safety policy and the occupational health and safety management system.

April 1st, 2022
Group CEO Yuki Kusumi, Panasonic Holdings Corporation