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The Challenges of Network Construction

Today, practically everything is connected to networks. This has resulted in the need for a communication medium that can cope with an ever-increasing number of devices and various issues. HD-PLC is a technology standard for high-speed wired communication and offers IP solutions that can go a long way toward solving network challenges in the IoT era.

Need to increase wired communication speed

Worried about communication security

Wiring cost

Solutions with HD-PLC

HD-PLC enables data communication
using any existing wiring

HD-PLC can utilize not only power lines but also coaxial cables, twisted pair cables, telephone cables, and other existing cables inside and outside the building for communication. With this technology, you can easily build a network without installing any new wiring.

Existing wiring can be leveraged as communication lines

AC control wire Air conditioning Control cable Coaxial cable Alevator Solar cable Solar power generation Coaxial cable TV Wired intercom cable Intercom Telephone Lines Phone Power lines Coaxial cable Security camera Power Lines Lighting control cable Lighting

Why Choose HD-PLC?
It can be used in all kinds of locations.

Provides high-speed wired communication

As we move into the new IoT era, we need to speed up communication networks that are based on technology standards such as “RS485 Modbus,low-speed PLC, and HBS (IEBus). By adopting HD-PLC, high-speed communication at megabit speeds is possible without any new wiring.

E.g. Smart meters, commercial air conditioners, solar power systems, etc.

Illustration Smart meters Slolar power generation Commercial air conditioner

Low-cost network construction

By utilizing existing wiring (dedicated lines and power lines), the need to install new ethernet cables is reduced. This makes it possible to build a network at low cost.

E.g. Surveillance cameras in stores, factories, and hospitals, intercoms, nurse call systems, etc.

Illustration Security camera Call button system Intercom

Can be used in high-security locations

In addition to encrypting communication data, HD-PLC offers high security by using optimal modulation for each sub-carrier in response to changes in transmission line characteristics. Therefore, the risk of information leaks or cyber-attacks is reduced. It can provide communication networks in facilities where wireless communication is prohibited due to security issues.

E.g. Gas stations, plants where wireless signals are prohibited, etc.

Illustration Plant Gas station

Less lines, less work

By grouping multiple control and signal lines, HD-PLC can reduce the number of wires needed. This in turn lowers the risk of disconnection and line failure, in addition to reducing weight, shortening manufacturing lead time, and streamlining regular inspections of elevators and such.

E.g. Elevators, robots, etc.

Illustration Robot Elevator

Works in places where wireless communication can be difficult

A drawback of wireless communication is that signals can be weak in enclosed spaces such as tunnels and underground facilities. With HD-PLC, communication can reach even those locations by leveraging the existing wiring.

E.g. Tunnels, underground facilities, elevators, and reinforced concrete buildings, etc.

Illustration Tunnel Elevator Wireless dead zone

Enables long-distance communication

Even in the case of smart meters or large-scale facilities such as office buildings and factories, a wireless multi-hop network technology bridging together multiple devices can enable communication within a range of several to a dozen kilometers.

E.g. Smart meters, smart buildings, factories, smart streetlights, HVAC, solar power systems, etc.

*Communication distance varies depending on the environment

llustration Smart meters Smart street lights HVAC

Completed Installation Cases

IP core installation:

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HD-PLC Ecosystem

Panasonic participates in the HD-PLC Alliance and collaborates with many partners.

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Installation examples

Reliable Technology

International standard compliance

Compliant with international standards such as IEEE 1901a and ITU-T

HD-PLC technology details

Wavelet-OFDM scheme with high spectral efficiency
Advanced security, easy settings, etc.


Panasonic's HD-PLC4 IP core will provide PHY and MAC layers as well as firmware (including sample applications) for PLC communication. It can be customized to meet various needs, such as long-distance and high-speed communication. We provide support for your development projects.

SOFTWARE  Application* PLCCORE μCPU HARDWARE PLC MAC PLC PHY Ether MAC Ether PHY *Samples are provided for applications and uCode3.

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