The Company Incorporated: in 1935 at age 40

In 1932, Konosuke set up a trade department to research and develop the company's international sales potential. With exports increasing, Konosuke incorporated the trade department as the Matsushita Electric Trading Company in August of 1935. At the time, this was an unusual move for an electrical products manufacturer, but he felt that as much attention should be devoted to overseas business as to domestic business, and that the company should carry out operations consistent with Matsushita's basic business philosophy.
Then, on December 15 of the same year, Konosuke incorporated the company and renamed it “Matsushita Electric Industrial Company limited.” Addressing his employees, he said “ Our company has expanded both in sales and its number of its employees. It has become a large manufacturing organization with a significant place in society. So, now , as we continue to grow, we have a responsibility to report our economic status to society at large.”