Featured on the cover of TIME magazine: in 1962 at age 67

In 1963, Konosuke appeared on NHK, Japan’s public TV channel, to speak with Prime Minister Hayato Ikeda. Konosuke advocated spiritual education and other means of developing human resources, which he stated were vital to the nation’s future. His comments proved tremendously popular with the public.
As word of Matsushita Electric's success began to spread abroad, Konosuke Matsushita was beginning to be recognized as one of the world's great entrepreneurs. Numerous foreign VIPs came to tour the company, including U.S. Attorney General Robert Kennedy, Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi, and Yugoslavian President Tito. Konosuke personally showed each of them around the company facilities, often engaging them in a stimulating exchange of ideas.
The foreign media soon turned their attention to Panasonic and its founder.
In February 1962, Konosuke himself was featured on the cover of TIME, America's most popular weekly news magazine. And in 1963, Konosuke and Mumeno Matsushita attended what was billed as "the party of the century," the 40th anniversary celebration of TIME magazine in New York, joining other cover celebrities there.
Moreover, in September of 1964, Konosuke was featured in LIFE magazine, and was described as a "top industrialist", "the biggest money-maker", "philosopher", "magazine publisher" and "best-selling author". The media embraced Konosuke Matsushita and brought Matsushita Electric into worldwide prominence.