Publishing "Japan at the Brink": in 1974 at age 79

In July 1973, as the company was marking its 55th anniversary, Konosuke retired from active service, assuming the post of Executive Adviser. He said, "I am almost 80 years old. In the past 55 years, I have accomplished everything that I set out to achieve, and I’d like to pat myself on the back for job well done" He then thanked his employees for their support, and encouraged them to meet the challenges of the future.
Konosuke began to devote more time to developing his philosophy and to writing. He published a popular book of insights into the nature and changing character of humanity, entitled "Thoughts on Man".
Then, in 1974, he published "Japan at the Brink," in which he advocated better education and expansionist economic policies to lead Japan out of the recession that followed the 1973 oil crisis. The book became a bestseller with over 600,000 copies sold.