Customer First

If one only looks at business from the outside, it seems to be just the sale of goods in exchange for payment, but then, that is no different from a vending machine. I believe that the true, ideal nature of business lies in gratitude, in recognizing the value of our customers and appreciating it when they purchase our products.
It is said that, in the old days, customers were so respected and appreciated that a merchant "would not sleep with their feet pointing towards a customer's home." (Pointing the soles of the feet, which come into contact with the ground, at others is considered disrespectful.) Naturally, businesses that treat their customers with such gratitude and respect will become known for their service and customers will choose them over other companies selling the same products. In this way, both parties will come to understand each other well and society as a whole will benefit. I believe that, even m business, it is extremely important to be united in body and spirit.

Source : "Konosuke Matsushita Daily Thoughts"