Learning for Yourself

Let's look at business administration studies. Other people can teach you about business administration, or you can learn about it in books. However, just because you have read a lot of books, it does not mean you will be able to work perfectly as a manager. These books can be useful as references in many ways, but it is impossible to teach or practice the lived experience of being a manager. You will only be able to grasp it when you start having to apply your own creativity and ingenuity.
Although you might be able to get things done after a fashion by doing what you have been taught or what you read in books, I do not believe that you will become a real professional manager without a mental attitude that recognizes the importance of gaining understanding through your own experience. Not until you assume that you will have to learn from experience will you be able to really leverage your knowledge and put others'teachings to good use.

Source : "Sonokokoroikiyayoshi (That's the Spirit!)"