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20th anniversary

In the 20th anniversary of opening

Panasonic Center Tokyo was able to mark its 20th anniversary in September 2022.
This is thanks to all visitors and all those involved who have supported the operation of Panasonic Center Tokyo for a long time.

Over the past two and a half years, we have been closed due to the influence of the new coronavirus, but over the past 20years, more than 12 million customers from 191 countries have been invited to visit Panasonic in various ways.

Then, in April 2022, Panasonic was divided into a holding company called Panasonic Holdings Co., Ltd. and a business company, and changed the group's structure significantly.
Based on this change, Panasonic Center TOKYO, as a showroom of Panasonic Group, will also move on to a new stage.

We, all the staff members will work hard to create a showroom where even a little bit of "I'm glad I came" and  "I enjoyed it", so we look forward to your continuous support.

September 2022
Hisako Kodama
Panasonic Center Tokyo

Panasonic Center TOKYO is a Corporate Global Communications Hub for Panasonic.

With a vision for realization to enrich people's lives at home and at work, and move society forward, the Center serves as a vehicle for communications, receiving opinions and requests directly from customers while presenting actual initiatives and solutions.

Starting with a firm customer commitment, we will create new value as we reach out to more people.

Panasonic Center TOKYO will continue to evolve together with its customers.

FREE Wi-Fi is available in areas of this facility with this FREE Wi-Fi mark. FREE Wi-Fi is available in areas of this facility with this FREE Wi-Fi mark.

To visitors

Panasonic Center TOKYO is working on maintaining the hygienic environment of the facility, so that visitors can come without any worries.
When coming to the facility, we would like to ask for your cooperation in the prevention of infection. Please make sure to wear a mask and use the alcoholic disinfectant installed at the entrance, and also keep sufficient distance with other visitors.
For more information, please check the notices below.

We apologize for the inconvenience. Thank you for your kind understanding.