The Panasonic Group has been initiating to reduce CO2 emissions in order to realize a better life and a more sustainable global environment.
Each of us can make small and various actions "ACT", which will accumulate and lead to a great impact "IMPACT" to resolve global warming issues.
Here at Panasonic GREEN IMPACT PARK, we will study what we can do for the future of our planet by focusing on the reduction of CO2 emissions and recycling resources.
Let's find new ideas for your own action "ACT".

Reduction of CO2 emissions

In the "Reduction of CO2 emissions" area, visitors learn how much CO2 is emitted in society and our daily lives, the types and methods of power generation, and the features of renewable energy.
Through a hands-on experience at the exhibition, we approach the adoption of various methods of generating power, efficient electricity use, and lifestyles that emit less CO2.

Recycling resources

In the "Recycling resources" area, visitors can think about effective ways of using limited resources in our daily lives through hands-on exhibits and displays of the Panasonic Group's specific initiatives involving factories, products, and services.

What Panasonic Group values

Photo image:What Panasonic Group cherishes

For everlasting and irreplaceable everyday lives.
What actions we will take to initiate for global warming.
Panasonic Group is making efforts to reduce CO2 emissions at its factories, in people's lives, and society at large.
We introduce our actions in a picture book for small children.


Photo image:Library

How can we address global warming issues and effectively use resources, or what actions are being taken to achieve SDGs? Our library provides a variety of books for both children and adults.
Why don't you pick up and read a book that interests you?
(We are very sorry that no lend out or no sell books.)