Panasonic Center TOKYO's policies for COVID-19

We have introduced additional measures that have been established in accordance with guidance from Tokyo Metropolitan Government and the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, and have tightened the measures as follows.

Avoid the "Three C's", and manage the showroom in an environment that minimizes the risk of further infection of the coronavirus.
1. Closed spaces: Space and ventilation
Secure enough ventilation (such as opening doors and windows), additional introduction of ventilating facilities, and increase the frequency of inspections.
2. Crowded places : number of people and the density
Secure social distance by controlling and restricting the number of visitors.
Create time lags for entrance and exits, plan out a flow line for visitors.
3. Close contact settings: avoid contact infection and droplet infection
Conduct disinfection for high frequency contact parts (such as exhibitions, door knobs, light switch), and increase the frequency of cleaning.
Install alcoholic disinfectant in various places inside the facility.
Make sure visitors and employees are wearing masks, and washing hands frequently, and are careful in cough etiquette.
4. Health management of visitors and strengthen employees education
Conduct temperature measurement if necessary.
Explain the situation to employees continuously and thoroughly implement work procedures for preventive measures.

Our requests to visitors
Please refrain from visiting the facility if you apply to either of the below.
(*Please understand that we may refuse your entrée.)

  • Those who are not feeling well, such as having a fever or cough.
  • Those who have visited countries or regions where the infection of the coronavirus is spreading in the last 2 weeks.
  • Those who have had close contact with an infected person, or someone suspected of being infected inside the last 2 weeks.

Please wear masks inside the facility, be careful with your cough etiquette, always wash your hands, and secure social distance with others.
Entering the facility is limited to the east entrance (towards the Kokusai-Tenjijo station on Rinkai Line), and leaving is limited to the west entrance (towards the TOC building).
Please bear in mind that the south entrance (towards Tokyo Big Sight) is closed at the moment.

How Panasonic is responding to COVID-19