On the 1st floor of Panasonic Center Tokyo, there is the 'Panasonic GREEN IMPACT PARK' where you can experience and explore ways to reduce CO2 emissions and recycle resources.
In addition,in order to give you a more specific understanding of the activities, there is an 'atrium' where you can communicate with more of you.
Please experience Panasonic Group's latest priority initiatives.


"Panasonic GREEN IMPACT PARK" opened in March 2023 to help children, who will lead the next generation, learn about the current situation of and solutions for increasingly urgent global warming issues and motivate them to take action.
"Panasonic GREEN IMPACT" is the long-term environment vision of the Panasonic Group aiming to realize "a better life" and "a sustainable global environment". The vision is displayed under the themes of the reduction of CO2 emissions and recycle of resources.


Photo image:Atrium

In the atrium, we hold various events and special exhibitions to help visitors gain a better understanding of the Panasonic Group's initiatives. In the AkeruE, Panasonic Creative Museum, on the second and third floors, where Eureka (inspiration) turns into reality, provides creative workshops are offered to facilitate communication with visitors.
We will create new value through our intaractive communications between us.

Compassionate world created by everyone (painting)

Please have a look at the sky and sea paintings created by Mr. Tomonori Taniguchi, children's book author, and the children under the theme of "Compassionate world created by everyone."

In 2020, Panasonic Center Tokyo became the first showroom with zero CO2 emissions in the Panasonic Group.

Toward realizing "a better life" and "a sustainable global environment", Panasonic Group will aim to create a society where people can lead a better and more comfortable life with clean energy.