Panasonic Group’s Commitment

At Panasonic, we are working to reduce the huge amount of CO2 emissions associated with our business. We will make an impact on CO2 reduction in homes, towns, mobility and supply chain and accelerate towards carbon neutrality together with society.

Our Initiatives: #1
Achieve net-zero CO2 emissions of all operating companies by 2030

With our advanced manufacturing technology and clean energy solutions, we are reducing CO2 emissions from factories and committed to achieve carbon neutrality in manufacturing.

Our Initiatives: #2
Reduce CO2 emissions of our customers through the use of our products

We will continue to develop more energy-efficient products and solutions to reduce CO2 emissions from customer consumption.

Our Initiatives: #3
Increase contribution to reducing society’s CO2 emissions

Panasonic Group has a diverse range of businesses that span many different areas of society. We will accelerate the transition to clean energy and the reduction of CO2 emissions by expanding solutions which create and use clean energy efficiently, reduce energy consumption and improve the efficiency of business processes to our B2B and B2G customers.

By 2050, we aim to reduce CO2 emissions by more than 300 million tons.

At Panasonic Group, we believe our most important issues are to tackle global warming and reduce our own and society’s CO2 emissions.