By strengthening our three impacts and through communication with society and corporate citizenship activities, we will progress towards carbon neutrality, engaging a broader audience and inspiring individual behavioral change while fostering environmental awareness.

Initiatives Aimed at Establishing Avoided Emissions as a Recognized Metric

Working to Establish New Rules Using "Avoided Emissions"as a Metric for Corporate Evaluation

As we seek to move more rapidly toward the achievement of carbon neutrality in society, the concept of avoided emissions can be used as a new metric for evaluating business activities contributing to CO2 reduction.

The Panasonic Group supports the concept of avoided emissions calculation guidance developed by the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD), and has joined the WBCSD. Collaborating with governments, industry organizations, and the financial sector, Panasonic is actively working on standardizing avoided emissions and promoting rule-making efforts through partnerships.

Participation in International Events

Advocating the Significance of Avoided Emissions at COP28

During the 28th Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change1 (COP28) held in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE) from November 30 to December 13, 2023, the Panasonic Group exhibited at the Japan Pavilion organized by the Ministry of the Environment.

Group CEO Yuki Kusumi took part in a seminar organized by Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, discussing how Japan's technology is contributing to greenhouse gas emission mitigation, and engaging in discussions for the development and dissemination of rules. In alignment with the goal of achieving a decarbonized society, Kusumi advocated the significance of avoided emissions and the necessity of international standardization.

COP28 Logo

G7 Hiroshima Summit (May 2023):

The outcome document explicitly mentioned that private-sector initiatives were to be encouraged and promoted in order to stimulate innovation by other businesses contributing to emissions reduction through decarbonization solutions.

G7 Hiroshima Summit Logo

G7 Ministers' Meeting on Climate, Energy and Environment in Sapporo (April 2023):

The outcome document explicitly mentioned the value of recognizing avoided emissions.

G7 Sapporo Ministers’ Meeting on Climate, Energy, and Environment Logo

2022 United Nations Climate Change Conference1 (COP27) (November 2022):

At the COP27 Japan Pavilion, Panasonic helped in the reaching of a consensus on the significance of international standardization and expansion of avoided emissions in order to reconcile economic development with a decarbonized society.

COP27 Logo

Panasonic advocated for the importance of standardizing avoided emissions and gained support for recognizing this as a rational metric and positioning it as an opportunity.

1The Conference of the Parties (COP) to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change is an international conference where leaders from international organizations, governments, municipalities, NGOs, companies, and other entities gather to discuss the global direction and rules for mitigating climate change. The conference has been held since 1995, and the most recent event, COP28, marked its 28th iteration. During COP28, the Japan Pavilion, organized by Japan’s Ministry of the Environment, served as a platform to showcase Japan's outstanding technologies, products, services, and initiatives related to climate change mitigation through exhibitions and additional events, facilitating global leaders' communication and exchange of ideas.

Corporate Citizenship Activities

Panasonic ECO RELAY for Sustainable Earth

From heart to hand to action. Running the relay for our future. That’s what Panasonic ECO RELAY is all about.

Employees and their families from around the world participate in local environmental conservation activities and awareness campaigns aimed at reevaluating everyday lifestyles.



Located at Panasonic Center Tokyo, our comprehensive information hub Panasonic GREEN IMPACT PARK provides a space where children, tomorrow’s civic leaders, can experience Panasonic Group environmental initiatives firsthand.

Through a range of hands-on exhibits, children have the opportunity to grasp concepts related to reducing CO2 emissions and promoting resource circulation, making environmental issues more relatable. The park serves as a platform to encourage children to take action and play an active role in addressing global environmental challenges.

Environmental Education Initiatives

Providing Children with Opportunities for Environmental Learning

The Panasonic Group is committed to providing various environmental learning opportunities primarily targeting children. Initiatives such as Eco Experience Learning aim to convey the importance of eco-friendly action. We also help children reach a broader understanding of manufacturing, through programs providing dry cell battery factory tours, battery education classroom visits where children can learn how batteries work and get a close-up look at the manufacturing process, along with flat-screen TV disassembly workshops offering deeper insights into home appliance recycling through seeing, hearing and touching home appliances, and home appliance recycling factory tours.

Free Release of Patents

Participation in LCPP and Free Release of Environmental Technology Patents

The Panasonic Group, in alignment with the Low-Carbon Patent Pledge (LCPP), has become the first Japanese company to join this initiative2, aiming to contribute to the realization of a low-carbon society.

We will contribute to society by promoting social implementation of our technologies in various ways, such as facilitating the use of intellectual property rights for technologies that contribute to the environment for our own commercialization or for commercialization through co-creation with other companies3.

2 As of August 23, 2022
3 Under the conditions specified by LCPP, providing royalty-free licenses to individuals and organizations.

Due to the increase in CO2, Earth is the hottest it has been in 1,400 years, and climate change is accelerating.

CEO Kusumi shares the Panasonic Group’s resolve regarding Panasonic GREEN IMPACT.

The Panasonic Group aims to create impact that reduces CO2 emissions by at least 300 million tons by 2050.

Our Initiatives

Our Initiatives

Carbon Neutrality

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