Hybrid Car Workshop Held in Panama


On Friday, August 25, Panasonic Sales Latin America (hereinafter, PLAT) participated in the Panamerican School’s Science Week to host a hybrid car workshop as part of the Panasonic Kids School program, a global initiative of Panasonic’s CSR & Citizenship Department.
Here, I’ll explain what happened in the workshop.

This workshop was conducted through the Eco Learning Program (ELP) with the theme of “Thinking about the Future through Energy Creation and Storage.” A total of 110 children from grades four to six participated in the workshop. The purpose of the workshop is to encourage children to protect the environment through environmentally friendly actions, such as using solar-power technology as a new energy source, reducing the consumption of limited natural resources, and minimizing our impact on the environment.
PLAT’s Mónica Leone, who leads the workshops, said, “Our company believes that it’s important to contribute to society as a corporate citizen. In addition to contributing to the lives of people around the world through our products and responsible actions, our mission is to minimize our impact on the global environment and to raise public awareness of the importance of natural resources. It’s vital that we value and protect the resources that nature provides. To this end, it’s important to educate the next generation of children on how critical it is to protect the environment and use natural resources with care.”

At the workshop, the children learned how to build a hybrid car powered by solar and EVOLTA batteries. The program aims to promote the use of alternative resources while conveying the importance of reducing energy consumption. PLAT wants to develop its brand image as an environmentally friendly company by raising public awareness and contributing to society through an environmental education program based on the concept of delivering Panasonic’s brand slogan, “A Better Life, A Better World,” to everyone.