Brazil: Environmental Learning Seminar in Manaus


Panasonic do Brasil Limitada (PANABRAS) held an environmental learning seminar at its Manaus Factory from November 11 to 14, as part of the Safety, Health, Environment, and Quality Week.
With the cooperation of GAVAIAM Institute NGO of Manaus, the seminars were also held as part of the Sustainability Fair of Industrial Pole of Manaus (fesPIM*), on the concept of sustainability and technology, promoting collaboration with the local community.Around 1,000 employees joined the seminars over the four days. A recycling seminar showed how to reuse corrugated cardboard, and an environmental seminar taught about the ecology of plant and animal life in the Amazon, and how it should be protected. There were also role-playing activities to think about one's own town from the point of view of a cleaner.
The Manaus Factory holds several environmental learning seminars for its employees each year. Protection of the environment is a key issue for the economy of the Amazon region, as the natural blessings of the area provide work to 86,000 people, such as fishermen, farmers, and food store workers.
Such efforts for environmental education will continue in order to heighten the awareness toward the environment of PANABRAS's employees.
* fesPIM = Feira de Sustentabilidade do Polo Industrial de Manaus

A lecture on recycling

Reusing corrugated cardboard

Roleplaying as cleaners