Peru: In-company Campaign to Collect Waste Appliances


Panasonic Peru (PANAPERU) held a campaign to collect waste appliances inside the company from February 10 to 21. The aim is to increase knowledge about WEEE1among employees and to learn about correct disposal methods while raising environmental awareness. Peru has consumer electronics recycling law, but most consumer electronics are disposed of by illegal contractors.
The campaign collected waste appliances such as TVs, radios, computers, irons, and DVDs weighing 130.5 kilograms from 14 employees.
PANAPERU's person in charge of environment prepared posters and banners before the campaign to call on employees to participate, and from January 20 to 22 and on February 7, invited a key person from ASPAGERE,2a WEEE recycling organization, for a workshop on the importance of sorting WEEE from other garbage and disposing of it correctly to prevent environmental pollution. Some 182 people took part, including employees, promoters, cleaning staff and temporary workers, to learn about the correct way to dispose of waste.
PANAPERU held a similar campaign in November and December last year. The workshop in that campaign focused on global WEEE laws and disposal, and the WEEE law active in Peru. Refrigerators, microwave ovens, game consoles, and other items weighing 336.1 kilograms were collected from 14 employees.
In both cases, employees who took part in the waste appliance collection campaign received eco bags, reusable eco bottles, and LED lamps, and Panasonic products were given to the three people who contributed the most waste appliances.

Employees cooperating for waste appliances

The collected waste appliances

  1. WEEE stands for Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment
  2. ASPAGERE = Associacion Peruana de Actores para la Gestion de Residuos
    (An association of people involved in waste management in Peru)