Germany: Panasonic Deutschland Contributes to Local Community with Clean-up Activity


On July 6, 11 employees of Panasonic Deutschland (PDE) cleaned up the area around the company's office in Hamburg. The clean-up was held to facilitate communication between employees and to contribute to the local community, following the end of lockdowns in Germany due to COVID-19 that prevented people from going out of their homes for months. The clean-up was held during work hours, with the cooperation of the company. Over around two and a half hours, 25 kilograms of litter were collected from the parks and roads in the area around the office.
"I was surprised at how much litter there was on the road. I'm happy now that the town is so much cleaner," said one participant. "Getting everyone together to do even a small thing like this has a big effect," said another. Those who took part could feel that they were doing something good for the community, as drivers passing by honked their horns or gave the thumbs-up. The company will continue to contribute to the local community.

Employees gathering up litter

The members who joined in the clean-up