Mangrove forests, as a vital ecosystem in the environment, receive attention from various parties. As an effort to strengthen awareness of the importance of preserving mangroves for a better environmental future, Panasonic GOBEL held a Mangroventure event at Mangrove Nature Park, Pantai Indah Kapuk, Jakarta on December 12, 2023.

Mangroventure's main objective is to increase public awareness of the importance of preserving mangroves as a critical environmental ecosystem. Through mangrove planting activities, this event seeks to increase participation in efforts to preserve and understand the surrounding environment.

Viya Arsawireja, Head of Communications PT Panasonic Gobel Indonesia stated, Mangroventure is not just a CSR event, but also an educational platform that combines social action activities with exciting adventures in the Mangrove Forest. This event was initiated by Panasonic GOBEL as part of its commitment to support environmental sustainability.

"Mangroventure is part of the Panasonic GOBEL group Corporate Citizenship where every employee is committed to realizing 3 main pillars, namely poverty alleviation (supporting areas not covered by electricity), Human Development (learning support), and Environmental Activities (environmental conservation activities around the world). Therefore, with the holding of Mangroventure, we hope to inspire many parties to participate in maintaining environmental sustainability in a different and unique way, as a real step to save the increasingly threatened ecosystem," said Viya.

Mangroventure is not the only initiative in carrying out Corporate Citizenship as a social and environmental responsibility by the Panasonic GOBEL group. This is realized through various concrete actions such as renewable energy donations (CSR Light My Path) to help illuminate communities in the Cianjur area, West Java, waste recycling movements (Win Against Waste) which invites the people of Jakarta & the environmental community to educate on efficient waste management by Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, and support Clean Air Day (Donation of air purification products to places of worship & elderly homes).

"Through Mangroventure and various other initiatives, PGI hopes to have a positive impact on the surrounding environment and help people live a better life in the future," Viya concluded.