Panasonic Group in Thailand has joined forces with FD Green (Thailand) Co., Ltd. to organize the 'Panasonic Cares & FD Green' initiative aimed at restoring forests in local communities. Conducted under the 'Panasonic Cares' project, the CSR campaign involves planting over 570 Ratchaphruek trees (Koon trees) and providing soil improvement material SuperAsh, aimed at establishing green spaces for public benefit in the Muang Wan Sub-district Municipality Community, Nam Phong District, Khon Kaen Province.

Mr. Hidekazu Ito, CEO of Panasonic Group in Thailand, said “Panasonic Cares" is a successful corporate social responsibility project centered around the theme "For the Wellbeing of People, Society, and the Planet." It reflects Panasonic's commitment to sustainable business practices, focusing on health and well-being, safety, and comfort for individuals, society, and all life on Earth. The initiative has significantly improved the quality of life in local communities through activities like distributing LED light bulbs and medical equipment to hospitals, especially in Khon Kaen Province. These efforts played a role in facilitating the work of medical professionals in the area. Additionally, the campaign included a marathon where proceeds were donated to the Ramathibodi Foundation, helping patients of Ramathibodi Hospital, who might find medical bills unaffordable, have access to quality healthcare. Recently, Panasonic collaborated with FD Green (Thailand) Co., Ltd., the developer of Ajinomoto-affiliated products, which shares an environmental vision with the project, focusing on sustainability, societal contributions, and a commitment to zero pollution through managing outputs from the production process to ensure reusability and environmental friendliness. This partnership initiated the "Panasonic Cares & FD Green" campaign to establish green spaces for the public benefit in Muang Wan Sub-district, Nam Phong District, Khon Kaen Province.”

As part of this reforestation initiative, Mr. Hidekazu Ito handed over 570 Ratchaphruek trees (Koon trees), regarded as the provincial trees of Khon Kaen Province. The total count of these trees was calculated through the Panasonic Hero Run for Charity 2023, held on November 25, where every 10 kilometers covered translated into one tree. With the cooperation of employees of the Panasonic Group in Thailand, their families, partners, and Panasonic's scholarship students—totaling 1,400 participants—they collectively ran more than 5,700 kilometers.

Meanwhile, Mr. Kohei Ishikawa, President of FD Green (Thailand) Co., Ltd., has supported 500 kg of SuperAsh soil material, stated, 'I'm pleased to be part of the 'Panasonic Care' project, delivering SuperAsh to nurture soil and fortify trees. The goal is to sustain tree planting for the benefit of villagers around the Panasonic factory. Our company adheres to an environmental policy, giving priority to product quality, safety, and environmental friendliness in alignment with the Ajinomoto Group's zero-pollution policy worldwide.

On this occasion, Mr. Chinnakorn Kaenkhong, Nam Phong District Chief Officer, along with Mr. Phanom Yensabai, Mayor of Muang Wan Sub-district, and Ms. Vannipa Pipupchaiyasit, Director of Regional Investment and Economic Center 3 (Khon Kaen), Thailand Board of Investment (BOI), participated in receiving and planting Ratchaphruek trees with executives and employees of the Panasonic Group of Companies in Thailand, both from the head office and Panasonic Manufacturing (Thailand) Co., Ltd., Khon Kaen branch. They were joined by Sub-district Headmen and Village Headmen, planting the trees along the roadside for over 2 kilometers at Muang Wan Sub-district Municipality Community, Nam Phong District, Khon Kaen Province.