The ECO RELAY environmental event was held by the Taiwan Panasonic Group on March 9, 2024 at the Zhishan Cultural and Ecological Park in Shilin, Taipei City. Early in the morning, Panasonic Taiwan's General Manager Huang and Panasonic Computer Taiwan's General Manager Mr. Kayada gave opening remarks, and Director of Jishan Cultural Park Li Ming-Huang also came to the site to welcome and personally led the team to pay his respects. Executives from Panasonic, Panasonic Computer, Panasonic Electric Materials, Panasonic Multilayer Materials, and Panasonic Industrial Technology introduced the entire Green Garden and Shibayama Rock environment. This year, traditional tree-planting activities were replaced by environmental education activities, with more than 400 members of the group participating in an ecological walk and experiencing Shibayama Rock's nearly 100-year-old culture and ecology. The participants were surprised and impressed by the knowledge about flora, fauna, and eco-culture.

Panasonic Taiwan's General Manager Huang (photo left)
and Panasonic Computer Taiwan's General Manager Kayada (photo right)
gave opening remarks at the event.

Zhishan Cultural and Ecological Park is a rare preserved natural green space in Taipei City, rich in flora, fauna, and cultural resources. The original Jibayama Contract Monument is located in the Nostalgia Garden on the top of the mountain, and the preciousness and preservation value of the historical building is respected and compared with the many new buildings and new urban facilities on the mountain. Everyone was impressed as they watched the exhibition, saying, ``All the real treasures are in historical objects.'' The 300-year-old Zhang Shu and Mr. Liu incident has also attracted attention, but the monuments of the academic bureaucratic disaster gifted by Taiwan and Japan have also remained for a long time.

Shishan Rock has many historical traces, reflecting thousands of years of history between people and the land, and between people, and represents lessons for sustainable development. In the future, the Taiwan Panasonic Group will continue to promote ECO RELAY environmental activities with a spirit of environmental understanding and consideration and will do our best to contribute to environmental protection, environmental education, and sustainable activities in Taiwan.