What is the Video Spot ?

Video Spots are special areas within the Parks where you can capture the perfect smiles of friends or family in front of stunning views. There are seven Video Spots both in Tokyo Disneyland® and Tokyo DisneySea®. Each location is carefully selected to capture the magnificence of the Park landscape together with the excitement of thrilling rides, all in a single frame. Be sure to visit a Video Spot to capture the perfect memento of your adventure!

Capture wonderful memories at the 7 video spots in Tokyo DisneySea®!

Tokyo DisneySEA®

Mediterranean Harbor - Right Side

Mediterranean Harbor - Left Side

Venetian Gondolas

Ponte Vecchio


Puente Buena Vista

Flounder's Flying Fish Coaster

Welcome to Tokyo DisneySea®! A sweeping harbor view full of dreams, adventure and romance

Mediterranean Harbor is the glorious view that greets you after you pass through the Park entrance area. On the other side of the magnificent harbor view lies Mount Prometheus, which occasionally erupts ejecting balls of fire, and the fortress. This is a must-capture spot for everyone visiting Tokyo DisneySea®. The time between dusk to nighttime is particularly special. You'll want to gaze forever at the beautiful view of the Mediterranean Harbor when it is lit up in the evening.


A scene straight out of a movie!
Make wonderful memories in an exotic port town

This spot gives you a completely different view of the Harbor with Mount Prometheus on the left. To the right you can see the cheerful early 20th century Italian-style port town, and behind you lies a Venetian-style city of waterways. But this is also the spot that gives you a perfect, all round view of the shows performed in Mediterranean Harbor. Capture the dream-like images that rise from the water during the nighttime shows!


Here, we greet each other by saying “Ciao!” Take a gondola ride for a cheerful Italian experience!

Take a gentle ride in a Venetian gondola along the “Canale dell’Amore”, which means “Canal of Love” in Italian. This spot is the perfect place for capturing gondolas as they come and go. If you can capture your friends of family waving and shouting “Ciao” as they pass by, your movie will look as if they are actually on a real Italian holiday!


Capture the moment when Mount Prometheus spectacularly erupts into flames!

Ponte Vecchio is the perfect place to view the DisneySea Transit Steamer Line as it sails gently underneath. If the captain notices you waving he’ll respond to you by sounding the steamer’s whistle! This bridge is the highest of all bridges in the Park, and is the perfect spot for taking in views of Mediterranean Harbor. If you’re lucky, you’ll even be able to capture the spectacular sight of Mount Prometheus erupting!


Round and round! Splish splash! Capture fun movies of these watercrafts as they whiz here and there!

At Aquatopia you can experience riding in a water vehicle in the area next to the neo-futuristic control tower. This is the perfect spot for capturing the surprise and excitement on family’s and friends’ faces as they enjoy the splashing sounds and feeling of gliding freely across the surface of the water. You’ll enjoy watching their expressions just as much as they are enjoying the ride as the water vehicles narrowly avoid being sucked underwater, spin around and around, and deftly avoid the water-spraying geysers!


Bridge that leads to the mysteries of the ancient temple It is a sign of many adventures to come!

“Puente Buena Vista” means “a bridge with good views” in Spanish. This is the largest of the three bridges that lead to Lost River Delta. From here you can take in wonderful views of the river flowing beneath the bridge, the Temple of the Crystal Skull peeking out from within the jungle, and the wooden “Puente al Templo” bridge. You can also capture great shots of the Transit Steamer Line as it passes under the bridge.


Capture the big smiles of your family or friends on this speedy attraction!

Lead by Ariel’s friend Flounder, enjoy the ups, downs, thrills and spills of this exciting attraction! This rollercoaster slowly climbs and stops momentarily at the top before plunging downwards at high speed. Capture the smiling faces and cries of excitement of your family or friends at the moment the flying fish rollercoaster dashes downwards. Use your zoom to capture the full excitement of this attraction!