What is the Video Spot ?

Video Spots are special areas within the Parks where you can capture the perfect smiles of friends or family in front of stunning views. There are seven Video Spots both in Tokyo Disneyland® and Tokyo DisneySea®. Each location is carefully selected to capture the magnificence of the Park landscape together with the excitement of thrilling rides, all in a single frame. Be sure to visit a Video Spot to capture the perfect memento of your adventure!

Capture wonderful memories at the 7 video spots in Tokyo Disneyland®!

Tokyo Disneyland®

Cinderella Castle

Mark Twain Riverboat

Dumbo The Flying Elephant

Castle Carrousel

Alice's Tea Party

It's A Small World

The Happy Ride with Baymax

Capture wonderful memories both at night and day at the beautiful Cinderella Castle!

Cinderella Castle is the icon of Tokyo Disneyland®. The magnificent castle is surrounded by beautifully kept flower gardens that change throughout the seasons, and is the perfect spot for capturing beautiful mementos of your visit. Nighttime views of the castle are even more spectacular as it is bathed in light against the dark night skies.


A grand lineup of boats to stir your spirit of adventure!

The Mark Twain Riverboat cruises gently through the tranquil scenery of the American western frontier period. From the spot just to the right of the landing, you can capture close-up scenes of the white puffs of smoke, flags flapping in the breeze and gently turning paddle wheel as the boat comes in to dock. Try waiting for the perfect shot in which the Tom Sawyer Island Rafts and Beaver Brothers Explorer Canoes pass by.


What does flying feel like?
Take a walk through the clouds with Dumbo!

A fun-filled attraction where you can ride on Dumbo’s back as he flies through the sky using his huge ears. Capture the excitement on the faces of your friends and family as they take a walk through the clouds with Dumbo! Follow friends and family with your video camera to capture all of the smiles and joy of the ride as they drift gently up and down through the sky on Dumbo’s back!


Feel like Cinderella riding on a white horse
Anyone can become the princess or prince of their dreams!

90 white horses all in a row! What a delightful sight to behold! Capture the expressions of fun and excitement on your friends’ and family’s faces as they canter gracefully by, waving their hands! If you look closely, you can see 18 pictures of famous scenes from Disney’s classic film Cinderella hanging just under the roof of the Castle Carrousel. Try zooming your camcorder on the rotating pictures to include magical moments from the film and capture the feeling of having wondered into your very own fairytale.


A very merry unbirthday!?
A tea party of spinning cups!

Would you like to join the Mad Hatter’s tea party? Enjoy spinning through this wonderful fairytale scene that looks as if it were plucked directly from the pages of Alice in Wonderland. Capture fun-filled scenes of your friends and family spinning merrily through the fairytale world, and maybe even try to capture a glimpse of the sleeping Dormouse as he sometimes pops his head out of the big teapot in the center!


We want to stay young at heart forever!
Enjoy a wonderful encounter in the small world

“It’s A Small World” makes you think of bright, colorful buildings that look as if they’ve jumped out from the pages of a storybook and the Small World Clock. Here you can see cute toys dressed in the national dress of countries throughout the world, dancing in rhythm to the “it’s a small world (after all)” melody. The entire building is bathed in floodlights at night to create a fantastical sight. There are capturing opportunities every 15 minutes, so don’t miss it!


Nursebots pull your vehicle along the happiest drive on earth!

Nursebots that look just like Baymax take control of the wheel for a thrilling ride that’s sure to bring smiles to the faces of your family and friends, so it’s also a perfect photo op! Six types of music add even more excitement, so you never know which songs are going to play as you wait for your turn to get on board! To accompany the unexpected ways the vehicles move, there’s even a different colorful light display for every song, so make sure to have your video camera ready to capture the very happiest of scenes!