Alumni Exchange Activities Held in Various Countries:
“An Alumni Network That Expands Even After Graduation”

Alumni who graduated from the Panasonic Scholarship Asia have taken off and found success in Japan, their home countries, and beyond. The experiences gained by alumni during their scholarship period and in subsequent challenges provide essential and invaluable advice to current scholarship students.
Therefore, Panasonic Scholarship Asia Offices in each of the nine participating countries actively facilitate exchanges among alumni who have graduated from the scholarship program.
For this feature, we would like to introduce networking activities held in various countries in FY2023.

●A networking event with scholarship students and alumni - The Philippines

In the Philippines, a “Homecoming Ceremony” was held in August 2023. The event was attended in great numbers by alumni who enjoyed talking about their scholarship days. Furthermore, the ceremony also provided employment support for graduates,
making this a very reliable opportunity for alumni aiming to further their post-graduate careers.

●A networking event to expand the alumni network worldwide - Cambodia

A networking event in Cambodia took place in January 2024. As many as twenty-two alumni attended this networking event, six of whom joined online due to studying abroad.
Many attendees expressed gratitude for the support they received during their studies and in business.
“I sometimes experienced financial problems during my studies, but even in those times, the Panasonic Scholarship Asia Office played a central role in supporting me, which was incredibly reassuring. Their support helped me graduate successfully.”
“I was able to participate in the Panasonic internship program in Cambodia, and it was a great experience that will help me achieve my future business goals.”

Others also expressed their gratitude to the Panasonic Scholarship Asia for its continued support in building personal networks.
“The Panasonic Scholarship Asia doesn’t just provide financial support to scholarship recipients. Even after experiencing the scholarship program, becoming an alumni, and moving on to the global stage, the program creates a network for alumni and makes that network available to us. The fact that they provide opportunities to exchange information with fellow alumni around the world is something I greatly appreciate.”

The support provided by Panasonic has been powerful, not only in terms of academics but also in helping to build a network of alumni who are active around the world.

●A message from alumni - Vietnam

In Vietnam, Nguyen Thanh Trung sent a message on behalf of alumni at the Panasonic Scholarship Asia awarding ceremony. Mr. Nguyen has been interested in his country’s environmental measures since childhood, studied environmental issues in Japan with the support of the Panasonic Scholarship, and is now involved in an industry related to water quality improvement in Vietnam.

“I am still very happy and proud that Panasonic Vietnam awarded me a scholarship for graduate students in 2006. It allowed me to study abroad at a Japanese university and gave me a great opportunity to gain Japanese language skills and learn about Japanese culture.
I also wanted to continue working in Japan after graduating from university, and even then, I was able to gain much more experience than I expected through the Panasonic Scholarship program. My next dream is to learn about Japanese technology and products, which are among the most advanced in the world in the field of clean water and the environment, so that I can apply them in my home country of Vietnam.”

Mr. Nguyen’s remarkable achievements are also featured in “Messages from alumni”.

The realization of Mr. Nguyen’s big dream is still being supported by the Panasonic Scholarship Asia.

Even though alumni have graduated from being students who received support through the scholarship program, the interactions between many alumni and current scholarship students currently receiving support through the program go on to form a large network that continues in a never-ending chain of succession from the “present” into the “future.”

●Continuing to back up the construction of the alumni network after graduation to expand dreams

Exchanges between alumni are flourishing in various places, but these interactions are not merely opportunities for alumni to reminisce about their scholarship days. Since graduation, alumni of the scholarship program have also expanded their activities to the forefront not only in Japan and their own countries but globally. It is also a vital platform for exchanging information about the kinds of research and talent that are in demand and which countries are seeking them out—knowledge that can only come from being at the forefront.
Mr. Muzafar Bin Mohd Yusoff, one of the program’s alumni from Malaysia, said in a past interview,
“Many of the alumni supported by the Panasonic Scholarship Asia work for various Japanese companies, that is, other manufacturers, as well as companies both at home and abroad all over the world. This is a common surprise for alumni. With the idea of ‘devoting ourselves to the progress and development of society and the well-being of people to enhance the quality of life throughout the world,’ we alumni practice in every part of the world to sufficiently fulfill our roles and to live and work in ways that inspire us.”

Mr. Muzafar Bin Mohd Yusoff (pictured left) participated as one of the program’s alumni at the FY2023 awarding ceremony held in Malaysia.

Ms. Noraisyah Mohamed Shah (Malaysia) also touched on the significance of working in a foreign country.
“Being in a foreign country with a different language and culture is a great challenge. But that’s why the rewards you gain from overcoming this challenge are so great. Even after graduation, I would recommend going to a different country. By broadening your perspective and seeing other countries and cultures, you can grow not only technically and professionally but also as a person.”

A Panasonic Scholarship Asia Office member in conversation with Ms. Noraisyah Mohamed Shah (pictured at the center), one of the alumni from Malaysia who participated as one of the program’s alumni at the awarding ceremony in Malaysia.

Mr. Soksan Devid, one of the program’s alumni from Cambodia, also spoke about the importance of projecting one’s interests and abilities outward and how the Panasonic Scholarship Asia is a great way to do this.
“Don’t forget to have faith in yourself and your abilities. Bring out the unique qualities inside you and showcase them to the outside world. Your involvement with the Panasonic Scholarship will surely give you a great deal of confidence.”

Mr. Soksan Devid, who participated in the Cambodian awarding ceremony as one of the program’s alumni.

The Panasonic Scholarship Asia Office in Japan fully supports these alumni networking events and feels it important to connect alumni worldwide.
“The bonds between alumni continue beyond the completion of their scholarships and allow for access to an extensive and diverse network of contacts. The scholarship network also continues to expand. Our commitment remains unwavering to ensure that talents from various countries can work together to pave the way for a bright future.”

The activities and potential of the Panasonic Scholarship Asia will continue to expand.