Dream the Dreams SOLUTION REPORT Vol.4 Dream the Dreams SOLUTION REPORT Vol.4

Tokyo DisneySea®

“Christmas Wishes”

Panasonic’s Lighting Solutions that create the magic of light

CHRISTMASWISHES 11/9-12/25,2015 TOKYO Disney SEA® ©Disney

Tokyo DisneySea® is holding its main winter event “Christmas Wishes” from November 9 (Mon.) to December 25 (Fri.) 2015. Each Themed Port is decorated with spectacular Christmas decorations, which are illuminated at night to create stunning scenes that you can only experience at this magical time of year. Panasonic provides support for this glittering ocean-side Christmas through its lighting solutions.

American Waterfront Enveloped in a Warm Light

A huge 15 meter high Christmas tree makes an appearance again in front of the S.S. Columbia luxury ocean liner in the American Waterfront. The sparkling tree wraps the chilly seafront area in a warm light.

The illuminations are tinted a gentle shade of red to match the Christmas theme, beautifully contrasting the white snow crystal motif of the tree.

The Waterfront Park area is adorned throughout with sparkling snow crystals that match those on the Christmas tree, unifying the entire Waterfront Park Christmas theme in sheer splendor.

Guests Greeted by a Christmas Tree Made of Light and Images!

Mickey Mouse and his friends appear in the show windows that line Passaggio Mira Costa at Christmas. You can see Mickey, Minnie, Donald and Daisy heading to a Christmas party in Mediterranean Harbor through drifting snowflakes of light. The fallen snow gradually forms the shape of Christmas tree. As soon as a red ribbon is tied around the tree of light, it suddenly disappears to become the fluttering snowflakes again.

Guests stop and look on in awe at the beautiful scenes in the show windows, created through the combination of light and images. Great attention is paid to detail in how the snow naturally falls and drifts to eventually become a tree, in a way that Guests of all ages can enjoy. Even small children gazing in wonder at Mickey and Minnie soon switch their gaze to the drifting snowflakes of light as they gradually turn into a tree.

Tokyo DisneySea® “Christmas Wishes” is wrapped in the magic of light. The Christmas illuminations for the American Waterfront were specially designed with the same color and shapes of the original lightbulbs that would have been seen in the early 20th century America, when light bulbs had just started to become popularly used.

Panasonic provides lighting solutions for the Tokyo DisneySea® Christmas, delivering unforgettably romantic evenings to all Guests.