Kid Witness News

Global Contest

EXPO 2005 Special Contest Grand Prix(KWN International Award 2005)

Grand Prix / Best Editing

Is it so difficult to communicate?
<Italy> Istituto Comprensivo A.B. SABIN SEGRATE

The combination of imaginary and real worlds is well edited, and shows an appealing sense of humor.

Best Writing

Give Peas A Chance
<U.S.A.> Marcus Garvey Elementary School

The structure highlights the characters. This video did a good job of conveying a message and emphasizing the need for understanding of different cultures.

Best Videography

Yotsuya Senmaida An Irreplaceable Natural Heritage
<Japan> Okazaki Municipal Azukizaka Elementary School

This video skillfully conveys the beauty of nature. The judges were impressed with the extended shooting period (from planting through harvest).

Best Sound

Keep The Flow
<Canada> Allan Drive Middle School

This video uses its original score (piano) and the subtle sound of water throughout to clearly convey its message.

Best Local Character

Let's Start Recycling
<U.A.E.> Khadija School

This unique video successfully conveys local customs and lifestyles. The narrators who appear in the video also received high scores (lovely smiles, etc.).

Best Anchor

Everything but the Earth
<Singapore> Canberra Secondary School

This work was upbeat and fun to watch, thanks to the skillful presentation of the student newscasters.

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