'Thirteen Proverbs' Shared by Panasonic Scholarship Participants

In fiscal 2022, 13 people have participated in the Panasonic Scholarship program.
The messages given by the participants express the challenges they have taken on, as well as their determination and dreams.


“Living with a true core” is actually very important.
I learned this is something of true value.

Ms. Chou Tsai-Lin (Taiwan)
She is currently working for Panasonic Industry Co., Ltd.

After completing graduate school, she joined a Panasonic group company. She came to this realization when she saw up close the attitude of Japanese people toward their work and the attitude of companies working to develop human resources.


The step of leaving Taiwan for Japan led to a big leap called international exchange.

Ms. Chou Tsai-Hsuan (Taiwan)
She is currently employed by a Japanese subsidiary of a general consumer goods manufacturer.

After seeing and hearing about her older sister, Tsai-Lin’s fulfilling life while studying in Japan, Tsai-Hsuan strongly expressed to her mother her wish to try for the Panasonic Scholarship. The sisters both realized their goal of studying in Japan. These experiences gave Tsai-Hsuan a way of achieving international exchange.


I hope that people will feel my presence as someone who was involved in achieving that (architectural) comfort.

Ms. Hew Zhi Xin, Malaysia
She is currently employed by Panasonic Housing Solutions Co., Ltd.

Encouraged by her father, she took on the challenge of studying in Japan through the Panasonic Scholarship. She learned about Japanese culture and later worked for a Panasonic Group company that handles housing equipment. She found it rewarding that the company continued to release equipment that utilized her own ideas.


it is necessary to take a solid step forward if you have difficulty deciding your future, as the choices are always waiting for you at the end of the path.

Mr. Kuo I-Jung, Taiwan
He is currently employed by AGC Inc.

When he was a university student in Taiwan, he had no idea he would end up studying in Japan and getting a job in Japan. Despite various problems, he always tried to tackle what was in front of him, and the Panasonic Scholarship, which gave him this opportunity, was a turning point in his life.


The Panasonic Scholarship gave me a social perspective in addition to an academic perspective.

Mr. Muhamad Sahlan, Indonesia
He is currently an Associate Professor at the National University of Indonesia.

While studying in Japan, he visited Panasonic in Osaka and Matsushita Institute of Government and Management in Kanagawa, which helped him broaden his horizons and take a big step forward in his life.


Young people should go abroad and experience different environments and cultures.
(Knowing different worlds) allows you to expand your potential.

Mr. Peng Du, China
He is currently employed at the Japanese subsidiary of a Chinese telecommunication equipment manufacturer.

The Panasonic Scholarship allowed him to feel the differences between countries and cultures. “If we can get to know each other and control these differences, we can agree on business.” With this in mind, he feels that his mission is to serve as a bridge between China and Japan, and he is trying to expand new possibilities.


We tend to think that unknown fields are irrelevant to who we are.
But there will always come a day when things you have yet to experience will benefit your future self.

Mr. Nguyen Thanh Trung, Vietnam
He is currently involved in the establishment and management of a local subsidiary in Vietnam for a Japanese company.

The environment, life and work in Japan are all completely unknown things that people do not experience in his native Vietnam. However, if you remain ignorant because you “don’t know about something”, you will be unable to respond when faced with an unknown event. When he studied in Japan, he learned that not knowing something is the precise reason why you should learn about it.


I could gain an overview of my life.
Next, I want to be involved in contributing to society.

Mr. Kek Khai Jun, Malaysia
He is currently working for Panasonic Industrial Devices Singapore Pte. Ltd.

He spoke these words after experiencing the Panasonic Scholarship and realizing that his role is to make similar social contributions.


Having your own view allows you to communicate with other people around the world.

Ms. Gan Li Hui, Malaysia
She is currently engaged in the establishment and operation of the local subsidiary of a Japanese company in Singapore.

While studying in Japan, she felt the language barrier between Japanese people and herself. However, she realized that the important thing is not to use precise words but to communicate carefully and politely.


Studying in Japan gives you an environment for personal growth.

Ms. Krithika Iyer, India
She is currently engaged in the design and development of automation solutions for logistics companies.

She felt many barriers between India and Japan. However, she overcame these difficulties and in just three years she passed the Japanese Language Proficiency Test at the highest level. This gave her a great opportunity to expand her potential after graduation.


It’s important not only to work in Japan but also to learn how Japanese people work.

Ms. Nguyen Luu Thuy Ngan, Vietnam
After returning to Vietnam, she now works at The University of Information Technology of Vietnam National University, Ho Chi Minh City.

It was thanks to the efforts of the Japanese people that Japan was able to develop its economy with advanced technology. This was the lesson she felt she should learn from Japan and bring back to Vietnam.


If you have goals and take steps towards them, your dreams will come true.
What you need is to take on new challenges.

Ms. Kavalin Wangsiripaisal, Thailand
She currently works for the Thai Ministry of Transport, where she has been assigned to the Highway Department.

After studying in Japan, she worked for the Ministry of Transport in Thailand, hoping to bring the transportation infrastructure she had seen in Japan, such as bullet trains and expressways, to her home country. She is now directing this indomitable spirit of taking on new challenges towards the development of her own country.


If I knock on a door and it opens, I will pass through it.

Ms. Noralyn Basco Manucat, Philippines
She is currently working as a postdoctoral fellow at the College of Medicine and Public Health at Flinders University, Australia.

This is the phrase that Noralyn thinks of when faced with a choice of action. The chance to experience a Panasonic Scholarship and study in Japan was all a matter of fate. She values tackling action in order to seize such opportunities.